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Oha Aho


In pursuit of cosmic perfection, Oha Aho play a heady mix of improvisation and rehearsed melodies. Their live shows combine effervescent vocals from the transmagnetic isles, primary school percussion and hypnotic synths/guitars. Elements of krautrock, lo-fi afrobeat and otherworldly ambient merge together to create an eddying wind, upon which the audience are carried past tribal temples, glacial wonders and future civilisations. This is music for flying carpets through the doors of perception. Emotional and exotic at the same time, Oha Aho have a way of producing the strangest fruit, aural delicacies to be enjoyed at the high table of modern music.

Hailing from Geneva and just starting out on their musical journey, Nicholas and Gabriel have captivated crowds at Fusion 2013, playing the Karl Kutter stage and the Dub Station. Gaining a loyal fanbase through further gigs in their native Switzerland, they’re set to release their debut LP “Thank You!” in early 2014 on Berlin-based label, Polychrome Sounds.