Circuit Diagram (live) with M.RUX & SpatzHabibi at Klunkerkranich


We’re delighted to welcome the polyrhythmic, ethno-kraut duo Circuit Diagram to play one of their mesmerising sets, live atop the Neuköllner Arkaden. The interstellar interplay of synths and live drums is set to abduct your senses and leave you orbiting their distant jungle moon, lulled by the gravitational pull of early electronic pioneers such as New Order and CAN, while driven by a darker disco beat with kraut kick and a hint of Eastern psychedelica.

With down-tempo maestro M.RUX playing a spaced-out set beforehand expect to reach a heady state of stupefaction before the show, while afterwards interplanetary pioneers, SpatzHabibi will expand the trip with their unique style of Orient-infused slow-disco tracks.